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Naskah Drama Bahasa Inggris tentang Anak Sekolah

Kumpulan Drama Pendek Bahasa Inggris Tentang Anak Sekolahan - Biasanya untuk melatih kemampuan kita dalam berbahasa Inggris di sekolah sering juga kita belajar menggunakan sebuah drama. Update tugas sekolahku kali ini akan membuka sebuah kumpulan contoh drama yaitu drama bahasa Inggris dengan tema khusus yaitu tentang anak sekolah. 

Karena kita masih dalam tahap belajar maka terkadang sangat sulit bagi kita untuk membuat sebuah naskah drama apalagi naskah yang menggunakan bahasa Inggris. untuk itulah diperlukan contoh-contoh yang dapat kita gunakan sebagai bahan belajar baik itu untuk membuat naskah drama sendiri maupun untuk latihan bahasa Inggris. melalui artikel ini kita akan berbagi berbagai contoh untuk teks yang dibutuhkan tersebut. 

Ada dua sub judul yang akan kita share disini, yang pertama adalah sebuah contoh teks drama dan yang kedua adalah isi koleksi drama pendek singkat sebagai referensi lanjutan untuk belajar drama dan juga mendalami bahasa Inggris. Dengan contoh-contoh tersebut diharapkan kita dapat memperlancar komunikasi kita menggunakan bahasa Inggris dan juga diharapkan keterampilan kita dalam bermain drama pendek bahasa Inggris dapat lebih baik lagi. 

Contoh Drama Bahasa Inggris Singkat tentang Anak Sekolah

Karena tidak mungkin menampilkan seluruh koleksi pada kumpulan contoh ini maka berikut disertakan sebuah contoh teks drama bahasa Inggris singkat tentang anak sekolahan. Bagi sobat pelajar yang kebetulan membutuhkan contoh ini silahkan langsung dibaca dramanya berikut ini. Sebelum lupa, teks drama berikut tidak disertai dengan terjemahan bahasa Indonesia jadi jika sobat membutuhkannya silahkan cek pada bagian akhir tulisan ini.

A Friendship 

In life there is often a dispute adolescents . That which is experienced by the two groups of teenage high school student this Kuotalima . Swiitie group ( Tantri , Alianie and Fiorentine ) three of them are true friends, they are always together in joy and sorrow . These three guys are good , smart and friendly . Unlike the evil group or gang name Memei Trio . The three of them are very bad, cruel and have no sense of humanity.

Once in cafeteria..

Tantri , Alianie and Fiorentine was in the cafeteria . They were eating while telling . Suddenly there came Trio Memei that grabbed their conversation .

Puspitt : Hey , you guys ! what you doing here ! (hit the table)
Aisyie : It 's special place for us ! tablets so there 'd better pull !
Shanie : that’s right! You, you and you, out ! ( pointing to the Tantri , Alianie and Fiorentine )
Tantri : What is your right to chase us away . This is public places . Not a place of your father !
Aisyie : Eh . Eh . Here the children have started to fight well ! What do I need to call a security guard to chase you away!
Alianie : Well please just get the security . Do you think we scared of you.
Puspitt : Damn you guys ( almost slap Alianie , but suddenly Fiorentine speaking )
Fiorentine : Hey do not . Come , Let us alone who succumb . Let's get out of here .
Tantri , Alianie and Fiorentine also left canteen .
Shanie : Finally they were gone. hahaha

Not long after the bell was rung. All students took the bag and rushed to get home. As usual Swiitie group often Tantri chores at home . So every evening coming home Fiorentine Alianie and voila . Their parents had already known each other .

Afternoon , at Tantri’s home

Alianie + Fiorentine : Assalamualaikum ( knocking on doors )
Tantri : Waalaikumsalam ( open the door ) please log princess ( holding out her hand down ) ( was joking to entertain them )
Tantri + + Fiorentine Alianie : hehehehehe

The three of them headed to the living room . The place where they often do the work while sharing stories . This time the task at hand is the task of making Indonesian’s proposal. They then took out a book from the bag . But this time they could not finish it because there was a commotion in the house next to the Tantri . I wonder why it is very noisy . There may be a problem in their family .

Alianie : Oh , very noisy ! How can we accomplish this task if the situation is like this .
Fiorentine : neighbor why the hell ? Why so excited !
Tantri : I know ya nga . Nga regular - usually they fuss like this .

The three of them out of the house to look at the situation . It turns out that the commotion came at Aisyie's home. Outside the house there is a group Trio Memei Aisyie being confused . The group was headed home Swiitie Aisyie .

Tantri : Aisyie , what's up with you ?
( Aisyie just cry and ducking )

Puspitt : Why should tablets here ! 're Back there , disturbing ONLY!
Shanie : Loh kok still here . Yes you deaf ! We say get out of here ! ( With sound cruel )
Aisyie : Come on , do not husir them . They're our friends too .
Puspitt : You kenapasih Aisyie ? Why must defend their lo ?
Shanie : Aisyie , you run out of stone kesambet yah ?
Aisyie : Come on , stop all this foolishness .
Puspitt : Maksudloh apasih ? Nga I understand with all this !
Shanie : Well if you want it . We will obey .
Alianie : Why are you sad Aisyie anyway ? Emengnya what is it?
Aisyie : I do not understand . Why do my parents quarrel selalunya . What they are not tired of it ?
Fiorentine : You are impatient Aisyie well .
Aisyie : But I really can not stand it . Almost every day and every time I hear the father and mother quarreling.
Tantri : Maybe this time the father and mother were no problems . Just pray , hopefully their problems can be overcome .
Puspitt : We will also pray that your parents do not fight anymore .

Aisyie : My heart breaks when I hear my mother asked for a divorce . If they really are divorced , I should be who? I was embarrassed , ashamed and very embarrassed friends .
Shanie : I completely understand how you feel , but you also do not get too sad because I'm afraid you're too sad it'll actually affect you physically .

Tantri : Yes Aisyie . All of this is certainly no solution really.
Aisyie : Ah let it be , if I'm sick , my parents might not care at all .
Alianie : There is no parent who does not care about his son .
Fiorentine : Maybe this time they were having no problems so they were busy with their own affairs .
Aisyie : Useless I have parents that every day a fight it alone . What they were not ashamed to neighbors who already must have heard them fight?
Tantri : tapikan matter what she also kept parents .
Aisyie : What do I do ( with my head down and cry )
Puspitt : say that you feel very uncomfortable when they both fight.
Aisyie : I will try to
Shanie : Well , you're not sad anymore huh . Let donk smile again ( wiping tears Aisyie )
Aisyie : Well thank you . You guys want to be my friend . And to encourage me with this ordeal . I love you all .

Tantri : we are love you too.
They all then nacked.

Nah itulah tadi sebuah contoh untuk teks drama yang bisa dibagikan, jika sobat masih membutuhkan contoh-contoh lain silahkan ikuti pembahasan ini sampai selesai. 

Kumpulan Drama Pendek Bahasa Inggris Terbaru

Sebelumnya mohon maaf karena isi kumpulan drama pendek ini belum terlalu memadai dan masih sedikit. Meski demikian bagi sobat yang sudah benar-benar membutuhkan contoh lain silahkan cek beberapa drama pendek terbaru yang sudah dibagikan sebelumnya berikut ini.

Demikianlah tadi Kumpulan Drama Pendek Bahasa Inggris Tentang Anak Sekolahan sebagai tambahan referensi belajar kita semua. Semoga dapat bermanfaat dan terima kasih telah berkunjung ke blog pelajar kumpulan tugas sekolahku ini. Sampai bertemu di referensi tugas selanjutnya.

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