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Kumpulan Contoh Text Narative Bahasa Inggris Dan Terjemahannya

Kumpulan Contoh Text Narative Bahasa Inggris Dan Terjemahannya - Tugas sekolah yang akan dibahas berikut adalah contoh text narative bahasa inggris dan terjemahannya. Sebenarnya sudah pernah dibahas mengenai contoh ini namun tidak dengan terjemahannya karena itu kali ini akan dibahas lengkap contoh teks naratif dan terjemahannya.

Pembahasan mengenai teks naratif ini dikhususkan bagi sobat pelajar yang telah meminta bantuan untuk referensi contoh narrative yang disertakan terjemahannya yaitu sobat kita “leony”. Semoga pembahasan ini dapat memberikan referensi atau sumber yang bermanfaat untuk tugas sekolah yang sedang dikerjakan.

A Legend of Sangkuriang

Long time ago in West Java, lived a beautiful girl named Dayang Sumbi. She was also smart and clever. Her beauty and intelligence made a prince from the heavenly kingdom of Kahyangan desire her as his wife. The prince asked permission from his father to marry Dayang Sumbi. People from Kahyangan could never live side by side with humans, but his father approved on one condition, when they had a child, the prince would transform into a dog. The prince accepted the condition.

They get married and lived happily in the woods until Dayang Sumbi gave birth to a baby boy. The prince then changed into a dog named Tumang. Their son is named Sangkuriang. He was very smart and handsome like his father. Everyday, he hunted animals and looked for fruits to eat. One day, when he was hunting, Sangkuriang accidentally killed Tumang. His arrow missed the deer he was targeting and hit Tumang instead. He went home and tells her mother about the dog. What? Dayang Sumbi was appalled. Driven by sadness and anger, she grabbed a weaving tool and hit Sangkuriangs head with it. Dayang Sumbi was so sad; she didnt pay any attention to Sangkuriang and started to cry.

Sangkuriang feel sad and also confused. How can his mother love a dog more than him? Sangkuriang then decided to go away from their home and went on a journey. In the morning, Dayang Sumbi finally stopped crying. She started to feel better, so she went to find Sangkuriang. But her son was no where to be found. She looked everywhere but still couldnt find him. Finally, she went home with nothing. She was exhausted. She fell asleep, and in her dream, she meets her husband. Dayang Sumbi, dont be sad. Go look for my body in the woods and get the heart. Soak it with water, and use the water to bathe, and you will look young forever, said the prince in her dream. After bathing with the water used to soak the dogs heart, Dayang Sumbi looked more beautiful and even younger.

And time passed by. Sangkuriang on his journey stopped at a village and met and fell in love with a beautiful girl.He didnt realize that the village was his homeland and the beautiful girl was his own mother, Dayang Sumbi. Their love grew naturally and he asked the girl to marry him. One day, Sangkuriang was going on a hunt. He asked Dayang Sumbi to fix the turban on his head. Dayang Sumbi was startled when she saw a scar on his head at the same place where she, years ago, hit Sangkuriang on the head.

After the young man left, Dayang Sumbi prayed for guidance. After praying, she became convinced that the young man was indeed her missing son. She realized that she had to do something to prevent Sangkuriang from marrying her. But she did not wish to disappoint him by cancelling the wedding. So, although she agreed to marry Sangkuriang, she would do so only on the condition that he provides her with a lake and built a beautiful boat, all in one night.

Sangkuriang accepted this condition without a doubt. He had spent his youth studying magical arts. After the sun went down, Sangkuriang went to the hill. Then he called a group of genie to build a dam around Citarum River. Then, he commands the genies to cut down trees and build a boat. A few moments before dawn, Sangkuriang and his genie servants almost finished the boat.

Dayang Sumbi, who had been spying on him, realised that Sangkuriang would fulfill the condition she had set. Dayang Sumbi immediately woke all the women in the village and asked them to wave a long red scarf. All the women in the village were waving red scarf, making it look as if dawn was breaking. Deceived by false dawn, the cock crowed and farmers rose for the new day.

Sangkuriangs genie servants immediately dropped their work and ran for cover from the sun, which they feared. Sangkuriang grew furious. With all his anger, he kicked the unfinished boat. The boat flew and landed on a valley. The boat then became a mountain, called Mount Tangkuban Perahu (Tangkuban means upturned or upside down, and Perahu means boat). With his power, he destroyed the dam. The water drained from the lake becoming a wide plain and nowadays became a city called Bandung (from the word Bendung, which means Dam). (Sumber:

Kumpulan Text Narative Bahasa Inggris Terdahulu

Sebelum kita lebih jauh, saya akan mengingatkan kepada sobat semua bahwa dalam blog ini juga telah dibahas beberapa kumpulan text narrative yang cukup lengkap. Koleksi text narrative tersebut adalah sebagai berikut:
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Cerita narrative dari kumpulan di atas juga dapat dimanfaatkan sebagai referensi tugas, itu jika sobat pelajar semua ingin dan mau sedikit berusaha. Untuk mendapatkan arti dari cerita-cerita narrative yang telah dibahas tersebut sobat pelajar semua tinggal membuka tautan ceritanya lalu menterjemahkannya kedalam bahasa yang dikehendaki.

Contoh Narative dan Terjemahannya

Karena kita sedang membahas mengenai contoh text narative dan terjemahannya maka berikut silahkan sobat pelajari contoh text narative dan terjemahannya yang sudah saya siapkan. Jika tidak cukup atau ingin mencari contoh lainnya, silahkan pilih contoh-contoh lain yang tersedia di akhir uraian ini.

Contoh-Contoh Narrative Lainnya
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Cukup banyak bukan contoh yang dibahas disini, karena itu tidak ada salahnya jika sobat sering-sering berkunjung ke blog ini. Sampai ketemu di tugas selanjutnya...

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