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Kumpulan Teks Diskusi (Discussion Text) dan Terjemahan

Kumpulan Teks Diskusi (Discussion Text) dan Terjemahan. Untuk tugas bahasa Inggris biasanya kita diminta untuk belajar debat dan mencari teks diskusi atau discussion text sebagai bahan debate. Agar lebih mudah dalam mencari referensi bahan debat tersebut berikut sebuah kumpulan teks diskusi dan terjemahan akan dibagikan untuk rekan pelajar semua.

Contoh Discussion Text Bahasa Inggris

Seperti apakah discussion text bahasa Inggris tersebut? Ya, discussion text adalah sebuah teks yang berisi informasi yang mengandung pro dan kontra yang dapat dijadikan bahan diskusi atau debat. Agar lebih jelas dalam mengerti teks ini mari kita lihat contoh discussion text Inggris tersebut dibawah ini.

The Advantage and Disadvantage of Nuclear Power
Nuclear power is generated by using uranium which is a metal mined in various part of the world. The first large scale of nuclear power station was opened at Calder Hall in Cumbria, England in 1956.
Some military ships and submarines have nuclear power plant for engine.

Nuclear power produces around 11% of the world's energy needed, and produces huge amounts of energy. It causes no pollution as we would get when burning fossil fuels. The advantages of nuclear plant are as follow:
  • It costs about the same coal, so it is not expansive to make.
  • It does not produce smoke or carbon dioxide, so it does not contribute to the greenhouse effect.
  • It produces huge amounts of energy from small amount of uranium.
  • It produces small amount of waste.
  • It is reliable.
On the other hand, nuclear power is very, very dangerous. It must be sealed up and buried for many years to allow the radioactivity to die away. Furthermore, although it is reliable, a lot of money has to be spent on safety because if it does go wrong, a nuclear accident ca be a major accident.
People are increasingly concerned about this matter. In the 1990's nuclear power was the fastest growing source of power in many parts of the world.

Note on the Generic Structure of Discussion Text
Discussion is a process to find the meet point between two different ideas. It is important to to get the understanding between the two differences. In many social activities, discussion is the effective way to calm down any friction and difference in thought, perception and recommendation.

This example of discussion text present the two poles, between the advantage and disadvantage of using nuclear plant to fulfill the energy needed. It is a case which needs to be talked and discussed from two points. They are represented in the generic structure which is used:
  1. Stating the Issue: In the first paragraph, it is stated that using nuclear power can be the choice in fulfilling the needed energy.
  2. Supporting Point: In the second paragraph, it is presented the advantages of nuclear power plant to be used as the source of the world's energy needed
  3. Contrastive Point: The third paragraph shows the balance. It gives the contradictory idea in using nuclear power plant as the resource of energy.
  4. Recommendation: This text is ended with a similar recommendation on how people should concern in the matter of nuclear energy.

Kumpulan Teks Diskusi dan Terjemahan

Terkadang saat kita membutuhkan banyak referensi untuk tugas ini kita mengalami sedikit kesulitan dalam mencari contoh teks diskusi yang dibutuhkan, untuk itulah dengan harapan dapat mempermudah kegiatan tersebut saya telah menyusun sebuah kumpulan teks diskusi dan terjemahan sebagai bahan referensi tugas sekolah bagi rekan pelajar semua. 

Dengan daftar [ada kumpulan contoh tersebut kita akan lebih mudah dalam memilih tema debat atau materi diskusi yang kita butuhkan. Koleksi dalam kumpulan teks diskusi (Discussion Text) tersebut sebagai berikut:
  1. National Exam in Pros and Cons
  2. Giving Children Homework; Pro and Con
  3. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Distance Learning
  4. Hunting Fox; a Discussion Text
  5. Gift Cards Bring Advantages and Disadvantages
  6. The Advantages and the Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy
  7. Discussion Text: Is Soft Drink Healthy For Us?
  8. Discussion Text: Social Networking
  9. Online Game, Good or Bad
  10. Death Penalty
  11. Discussion Text: Vegetarian
  12. The Advantage and Disadvantage of Nuclear Power
Berbagai isi dari koleksi yang diambil dari berbagai sumber belajar online tersebut dapat dipelajari lengkap dengan terjemahannya pada pembahasan terpisah, rekan yang membutuhkan dapat langsung memilihnya melalui tautan-tautan yang disediakan sesuai kebutuhan untuk membacanya.

Lain waktu, saya akan terus berupaya untuk memberikan referensi tambahan dan lengkap untuk materi discussion text (teks diskusi) ini agar memenuhi kebutuhan rekan pelajar semua. Jangan lupa untuk terus mencari referensi tugas bahasa Inggris hanya diblog kumpulan tugas sekolahku ini. Sampai disini, selamat mengerjakan tugas!

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