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Contoh Report Text Thanksgiving Day

Contoh Report Text Thanksgiving Day - Untuk sobat yang sedang kesulitan mengerjakan tugas tentang text report, kali ini saya akan coba share sebuah contoh teks report tentang thanksgiving day. Silahkan lihat contohnya dibawah ini. Atau rekan juga dapat menyalinnya untuk dipelajari dirumah.

Report Text - Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving Day is a celebration of harvest, thankfulness for peace, and the attempt of Native Americans. It is usually celebrated in late autumn.

In the past, Thanksgiving was celebrated for their rich harvest in New England. In North America, however, it was originally held to thank God for their survival in the new land which was not easy for them. However, in Canada, it had been celebrated as in New England. 

Thanksgiving now is celebrated in United States of America and in Canada. Thanksgiving festivals are held every fourth Thursday of November in the U.S and on the second Monday of October in Canada. It is usually celebrated in four to five days in the North America and for three days in Canada.

It is celebrated through families and friends gathering to eat and give good luck. Turkey is the main dish in the thanksgiving dinner. 
Thanksgiving parades are also usually held. 

Terjemahan Contoh Report Text Thanksgiving Day

In Thanksgiving homes are decorated with wreaths, fresh and dried flowers. Lamps are lighted to brighten the environment. Tables are decorated with best china and antique silver dishes to mark the occasion.


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